Oddwerx & Cloud Robotics

Oddwerx has direct support for the Cloud both via MyRobots.com, as well as support for the use of Google App. Engine.  The cloud offers the ability to offload the tasks of robot to web interaction, as well as the ability to perform heavy-lifting tasks not suitable for the computing power of a smartphone.

OLogic recently took the Oddwerx robot to task, during the Cloud Robotics Hackathon put on by MyRobots.com.  We implemented a Tic-Tac-Toe game where an Oddwerx acted as a virtual avatar pushing X and O game blocks around on a physical game board, as players played the game between a tablet and a Mac Laptop, which was all happening in the cloud.  Team Oddwerx took first place in the Santa Clara / Silicon Valley region.

This is the 3 minute video submission we had to quickly do at the end, to describe our project and what we had accomplished in 48 hours:

UPDATE:  The worldwide winners are in!  Team Oddwerx placed 2nd worldwide!  Check out all the winning entries, at www.roboticshackathon.com.