Fun with ROS on Oddwerx

Everyone has been asking us to show more demonstrations of ROS (The Robot Operating System from Willow Garage), running on the Oddwerx Smartphone Robot. We shot two short little videos to show ROS-in-action. We took a PS3 Game Controller, for which there is already existing code for a ROS node, and plumbed it together to send its ROS messages to an Oddwerx Robot running its own ROS node for controlling the motors and legs.

We were over a Willow Garage last week, and advised that all ROS robots should have some hair accessories made out of pipe cleaners, to give them more personality, in-fact, they handed us a bag of pipe cleaners and said “Give it hair!” so we made him a pipe cleaner toupee. Here is a video of the wild-haired Oddwerx Robot sending video and responding to PS3 ROS messages, for teleoperation. Since ROS is publish/subscribe, multiple subscribers can just listen to the video feed and see it in real-time. Really awesome tech! Especially to see it on a desktop sized robot!

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