OLogic started out as an outsourced research and development company for consumer electronics and toy products with a focus on robotics.  Along the way, we designed some pretty cool products for others, but never for ourselves.  The  original idea for the Oddwerx, was based on the simple idea of ..”Wouldn’t it be cool if your smartphone had legs, and could get up and walk around”.  We debuted a prototype product at Google I-O in 2011, to show off what it could be like, and it got some great reviews.

Since then, we redesigned it based on some early feedback that legs weren’t enough.  It needed additional mobility methods, so we added snap-on options for both tracks, wheels and legs.  The Oddwerx was born!

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For questions about the Oddwerx, not covered by this site.  Drop us an email: info@oddwerx.com