Oddwerx ROS Videos

Video clips of Oddwerx running ROS! More »

Oddwerx Wins Cloud Robotics Hackathon!

Oddwerx robot wins Silicon Valley region of Cloud Robotics Hackathon! More »

Oddwerx @ CES 2012 Las Vegas

The Oddwerx Animal dock made its first debut at CES 2012. More »


Oddwerx @ CES 2012 Las Vegas

The Oddwerx video demo from CES Las Vegas 2012.

Oddwerx Platform

Oddwerx Smart Robotics Platform

We are often asked, the big question of, what problem does the Oddwerx solve?  Currently it is best suited as an entertainment platform, however, with the right software on the smartphone, the possibilities are endless!  Smartphones themselves offer a powerful computing platform, but when you take into consideration the fact that they are almost ubiquitously connected to the internet, and add cloud applications into the mix, the application domains explode.  We are big believers that autonomous robots are going to play a role in our lives no matter what, either in the entertainment domain, or in the domain of problem solving, collaboration, or education.  The Oddwerx is a platform designed for all of these areas, and reduces the implementation to a simple software problem. Smartphones typically don’t have lots of personality however, with an Oddwerx Robot you can make your iPhone or Android phone into a fun, highly interactive robot, suitable to some of the most advanced robotics R&D problems too!

Oddwerx Equation

Robot Platform + Smartphone = Powerful Consumer Robot

Autonomous consumer robotics has always been limited by computing resource.  With the rise of the smartphone, it makes sense to leverage the computing power consumers already own by offering compelling products, that just turn the smartphone into a mobile robotic platform.  As smartphones evolve into more powerful computing devices, the robots be able to evolve with them, since the bulk of the problem solving is happening within the phone itself.  Robots are the ultimate phone “appcessory”.



Origin of the Oddwerx Species

Origin of Oddwerx

Oddwerx Origin of Species

The original concept for the Oddwerx came from a walking iPhone robot that used popsicle sticks as legs, and could get up and shuffle around.  We took that idea and ran with it, with the intent of turning it into a more generalized implementation of a smartphone with legs.  The initial feedback we received was along the lines of, can it do more?  We went back to the drawing board, and made it modular, so that you could add wheels, or tracks too.  What an odd collection of robotic critters we ended up with!  Thus the Oddwerx was born from CAD, schematics and more creative thinking!